henderson_034 Hi, I’m Claire and I’m the owner/operator of Little Yellow Wagon. I am a Mum to three gorgeous little girls. I love dressing up my kids in funky clothes and look forward to selling a range to suit playful little personalities. I love bright, vibrant colours and styles, especially yellow, hence the name.

The Little Yellow Wagon logo picture is an original by my then four year old daughter and is of her and her two sisters. A treasured picture as a Mum.

I’m very fortunate to have such kind and talented friends and family.  A big shout out to my gorgeous friend Lee, who transformed my daughter’s picture into a fantastic logo.

All photographs (the good ones anyway) have been captured by Kylie Verdouw Photography.

The logo and all photographs that are used in Little Yellow Wagon are original and are copyrighted to Little Yellow Wagon. All rights reserved.

The clothes for sale are in AUD only. Have fun shopping and thank you for visiting Little Yellow Wagon.